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Children's Mess

Kinderchaos überall
Kinderchaos überall
Kinderchaos überall

Since you've had kids, can't you keep things tidy? You can't tidy up, but does the mess always reproduce itself the next day? Are you covered in toys everywhere you look? Do you have no idea what to do with all those clothes and toys?


Having kids brings a whole new set of challenges into your life. The focus is no longer on us, but on our child. We are trying to meet all expectations, but in this changed life situation it is not easy to introduce a new system into your life. We have to clear up much more chaos in much less time, and that is not always possible with our old ways. A new approach, a new method is needed. 


It is quite an amazing logistical feat to buy, store and then pass on all the clothes and other items needed for a child's life. Anyone who wants to do this in an environmentally friendly way deserves at least a medal.


With my help, we'll look at which processes need to be optimised, how to overcome the chaos caused by children and how to get them to help with the tidying up and then put everything away themselves. 

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