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My Philosophy:

Environmental Awareness - Simplification - Sustainability

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Reusable Shopping Bag
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Environmental awareness

Obviously, I don't need to go into a lot of detail about why it's important nowadays to live in a way that minimises the impact of our lifestyle on the environment. In recent years it has become abundantly clear that our current lifestyles are destroying the Earth and ourselves. As a mother, the reality of climate change is a powerful motivator to change our bad habits.



It's a long process and it doesn't happen overnight. But tidying up your home can be a significant milestone on this journey. When we become clear about how much we have and how little we actually use, it becomes much easier to see what we will really need in the future. We get to know our habits and needs - ourselves - better. If we can see exactly where things belong, how much of what we have in stock, we will buy, consume and overconsume much less. 


Sustainability is a special word for me, it has a double meaning and both are very important: sustainable order and sustainable lifestyle.

In my work, I strive to create a sustainable order and system for my clients that fits their needs, that they can easily maintain in their daily lives and that makes their lives easier. 

By taking better care of our belongings, by repairing old ones instead of buying new ones, by refurbishing them and using them in a different way or buying second-hand, by selling things we no longer need and keeping them in circulation as long as possible, by giving preference to sustainable materials when buying new things, we are doing something to combat overconsumption and pollution.   When decluttering, we take great care to ensure that everything we select goes to the best possible place. To the right bin, container, collection point, recycling center, E-Bay, local FB groups, flea market or donation where it will be most useful.

Together we will review the processes at home, discuss what steps we can take to create a more sustainable lifestyle with less impact on the environment. 

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