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Before / After Moving

Are you moving and really want to take only the things you really need? Do you want to arrive at your new home as a new person? Do you also want to pay less for transport? No idea how to start packing?

Or have you already moved out but can't get rid of the bags and boxes, you're just going round in circles and can't get from one to the other? Can't find your way around your new flat, with no room for anything?


Moving is a challenging task for everyone. You realise how much stuff you've accumulated in your flat, basement, storage room or even just in the depths of your cupboards. It's the perfect time to do a thorough sorting, to create a new system, to adopt a new approach.


If you're still in the process of moving, we'll work together to develop a precise schedule to work from to get everything ready to move. We work in a targeted and systematic way to get rid of unnecessary items and pack everything into boxes in a way that will be as easy as possible to unpack in your new home.

If you need help after the move, my support will help you get the last boxes out quickly. We'll explore how best to make the most of your new storage space and design your new processes in the most practical way possible. 

Unpacking Kitchen
Bare Feet
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