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The Work Process

From getting to know each other to a concrete action plan

During the first conversation - whether by phone, video chat or in person - we will go through and discuss what you want to change, what bothers you and what the main goals of our work together should be. I'll survey the home, map out where things are getting stuck and we'll come up with a concrete plan of action. After the session, I will send you a written list of the tasks we have identified together until the next consultation.

Step by step


In subsequent meeting, we always check first that we have completed everything we set out to do. We discuss the experience, fine-tune the details and then move on to the next problem area. After the sessions, I will always email you the discussions and the tasks.

Slowly or quickly - as time allows


The overall length of the workflow depends largely on how quickly you can complete the tasks. Sometimes it only takes a few days between sessions, but sometimes it can take several weeks.

Stuck? I'll come and lend a hand!

Upon request, I may also get involved in the actual sorting and tidying. If you feel like we've hit a part you can't do on your own, or you just need some professional help, I'll come and do it with you! 

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