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Inefficient Home Office

Do you work from home but the conditions are not ideal? Don't know where in your home you could find a suitable place to set up a workstation? Everywhere you look, you see work-related objects? Can't relax even when your working hours are over because you feel like you're still at work? 


Coronavirus has changed most people's lives. Many people have been working from home ever since, even though their home was not designed for that purpose. Working in the right conditions is a prerequisite for getting results. It is important to draw the line between work and leisure, but it is equally important to be able to concentrate on work while we are working, but also to be able to stop when it is over and not have all the burdens of leisure time sitting on our shoulders like a mummy. 


We work together to create a space at home that meets all our expectations and try to restore any work-life balance that may have shifted.

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